Real Estate

Buying or selling real estate is a task which almost every company has to undertake at some stage. These transactions involve significant amount ofmoney and even then owing to different factors the company is not always able to get the real worth ofits money. In order to safeguard our clients from the potential hazards involved in entering in a real estate transaction, we provide following services:

Due Diligence:

Title documents are verified to see that the seller has a clear marketable title of the property

Actual Verification of Documents:

Core documents are verified from the concerned departments.

Suggesting the Mode of Transaction:

Most cost effective, secure and practicable mode of transaction is suggested keeping in view the peculiar facts and circumstances.

Drafting / Vetting relevant Documents:

Relevant documents are drafted/vetted to ensure that no unknown or unwanted liability is attributed to the client.

Incorporation of transaction in concerned Official Records:

Transaction is got incorporated in concerned official records.